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Established in 2007, Polecat has offices in London, Bristol, New York and California. We are a fast growing UK and US based company, providing big data reputational risk intelligence solutions to large global companies and institutions. Polecat is a leader within the reputational risk management / intelligence big data space.

Corporate reputation and trust are a company’s most important assets, and must be handled carefully. That is especially true today, as corporate leaders operate in a tumultuous global business environment, face an increasingly demanding set of well-informed stakeholders, and grapple with the latest stage of the digital revolution.

Managing one’s reputation in this new environment requires companies to respond adeptly to a litany of potentially dangerous issues and disruptions while staying focused on their long-term growth and market goals. While there are numerous risks to consider in this environment, there are also substantial rewards if reputation is managed, monitored and connected to strategic decision-making.

Polecat's business model and products are based on enabling reputation risk executives in the world’s largest companies to make better and more informed decisions. Polecat’s products transform corporate reputation from the domain of subjective reports and intangible assets, reliant on expensive consulting, into actionable intelligence that empowers and liberates reputation risk executives from point-in-time, lagging indicators of performance, giving them the same speed and confidence in decision making as colleagues using structured business intelligence systems.

Gartner and Forrester identify Polecat as a true disruptor in reputation risk management, supporting the world’s largest organisations in regulated sectors and beyond (i.e. companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Saudi Aramco, Shell, NHS England, Aon and American Express among many others). Polecat provides executives with consolidated, calibrated and confident insights to measure, compare and trend the critical impact of reputation practices for business and societal benefit.

Along with our experience in applying reputation risk content and insights to service Supply Chain, Internal Audit, Conduct Risk and Asset Management groups, Polecat is the platform of choice for Corporate Affairs and Communications to provide a single, comprehensive business solution harnessing real-time unstructured data. Polecat enables a shift for Reputation Risk executives from a ‘hindsight view’ to a ‘foresight view’ of risk and opportunity analysis.

Polecat is a team of passionate professionals focused on creating exceptional solutions and experiences for our customers. Equally, we have a focus on creating an environment of trust and collaboration that is a fun, flexible and supportive place for our team to thrive, grow and succeed. Successful team members at Polecat have high levels of passion and personal accountability. We work hard, enjoy what we do and are rewarded for results.

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